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What Is SWT?

Meet Our Board Members



Dr. Abram is originally from Los Angeles, California, and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and three sons. Dr. Abram created the Society of Women in Theology (SWT) organization in 2017. SWT is centered around women in ministry, theology, and leadership. Dr. Abram envisioned a world with a balanced theological space that values women. The objective of the organization is to empower women from all walks of life. Dr. Abrams is an adjunct Professor at Beulah Heights University, where she previously studied ministry, leadership, and administration. She earned a dual degree from Spelman College in Computer Science and Curriculum Development at ITC (Interdenominational Theological Center). Dr. Abram is also the founder of Y. I. E. L. D., a Youth Leadership Development Program, and Ephraim House Inc. 

Meet the rest of the SWT Board of Directors

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


To empower women and men to engage in theological dialogue and scholarship that intentionally identifies the voices of women and includes those voices in the creation of quality contributions to global academia, ministry, and society.


A world with balanced theological spaces that value women.


To view of SWT, with respect to the written Word of God, is consistent with the Statement of
Faith and overall Core Values of Beulah Heights University which proclaim “Biblical Inerrancy.”


SWT is primarily made up of women whose steps are divinely ordered by God. There are five principles and core values at the heart of SWT 

Sisterhood – Bonding through sisterhood.

Theology – Making theological contributions.

Exposure – Exposing the world to women in theology and exposing its members to the world.

Platforms – Creating platforms for members practicum and for guest invitation.

Scholarship – Contributing fresh and relevant scholarship to academia.

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