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Kimberly McMullen, 2020-2022 Secretary

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Kimberly believes that every good and perfect gift comes from above. She is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kimberly is the daughter of Pastor John E. and Marjorie McMullen and has four siblings. God gifted Kimberly with her two sons, Derrick and Darius. In 2006, Kimberly relocated to Atlanta and, in 2008, answered the call to preach the Gospel. She accepted Jesus as Savior at the age of eight and is currently a licensed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has received several degrees from Beulah Heights University, including an A.A. Religious Studies, B.A. Biblical Education, along with a Master of Divinity. She has served more than 45 years in the local church and Christian community through music, youth education, and administration. Kimberly is also an author, publishing her first book: Graciously Guarding God's Goods (A Practical Guide to Pastoral Care), in 2018.

"If I can help someone along the journey to sit with themselves long enough to know God, find self, and purpose, and reconnect to the community, then I have operated in divine purpose. When I reflect upon my upbringing, I realize my purpose in ministry is to give back to our communities all the gifts and tools that are good, wholesome, fresh, morally upright, and exciting that have been given to me. I am shaped by the hands of God, saved by the blood of Jesus, and kept by the power of the Holy Spirit. If someone comes into a greater knowledge of God and a closer relationship with Christ when I use my God-given gifts and abilities, then my purpose in the Lord is being fulfilled."

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